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A Commercial Pilot's Story

Brian Waugh
edited by Richard Waugh

Turbulent Years provides an exciting insight into the workings of early regional airlines in New Zealand that today fly on only in history. A blend of autobiography and historical reference, it is the story of Brian Waugh's flying career, first in Great Britain and then amid the rugged landscapes and in the turbulent weather of the South Island of New Zealand. It is also about the de Havilland Dominie, the Beech 18 and the Lockheed 10.

Flying for many years for four small airlines - South Island Airways, Trans Island Airways, West Coast Airways and Tourist Air Travel - Brian Waugh found out why, before long, their names were seen only as peeling paint on hangar walls.

He spells out the classical problems that have dogged many a struggling airline: lack of capital, wrong choice of aircraft; sticking to schedules rather than charters; political interference; restrictions by statutory bodies; and the over-riding ability of Big Brother, the National Airways Corporation, to dominate any route.

In its broad sweep as relevant today as in the early years of New Zealand commercial and charter aviation, this book is also a thoroughly entertaining memoir - not only of Brian Waugh's event-filled life and the planes he flew, but also of daring pilots, brave passengers, risky supply drops, violent storms, hair-raising crashes and the story of one of New Zealand's most tragic and enduring aviation mysteries.

Turbulent Years also includes a history of the DH89 Dominie/Rapide in New Zealand and a illustrated summary history of each of the sixteen examples that have flown in New Zealand since 1934.

Over 100 photographs; 229 pages. Hazard Press, Christchurch 1991. Reprinted 1992 and 1997. See Order page for price and how to order.

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